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I've been heavily involved in Internet ministry for the church of Christ since the fall of 1994.   Included in this experience is being one of the founding members of OLM.   Wes Duncan was also a founding member of OLM (OnLine Ministries for churches of Christ) and was the first to bring up a congregational web site for the church of Christ in about March of 1995.   At about the same time I was planning the first worldwide conference for the churches of Christ to be held in Albuquerque, NM in October of 1995.   One of the many things that came out of that meeting was that I agreed to help Wes keep his site up to date by forwarding any information that came my way concerning congregation statistics (in particular, the addition of Internet web sites and eMail contacts).

Wes Duncan and I had planned to bring this site up to be the new home for the Worldwide Directory together as a joint effort.   However, Wes was stricken with cancer in 2001 and asked me to take this work on so that he could concentrate on the fight of his life, a fight that he lost on August 26, 2003.   I have worked steadfastly to improve this information and raise its profile, visibility, ease of use so that more congregations and individuals could find each other and work together more effectively and effeciently to the greater glory of God.

Rex D. Moore
Director of OLM

Here's the Deal ! ! !

If you look through all of the "Data" files and there is NOT a "Date of Last Update" (the "RED" date at the bottom of the page) within the last ten (10) days and you live somewhere in the United States of America, eMail me about the situation including your mailing address within the U.S.   I will either send you a list (whole or partial) of the files that have been updated in the last ten (10) days previous to the date of your eMail or --

TA DAAAA ! ! ! (Drum role please)

I'll send you a Bible bookmark and bag of potato chips.   Not just any potato chips, but New Mexico Chili Chips, so good that you can't share.

The Reason

Because of the thousands (yes 1,000s) of hours of work and dedication that have gone into this and other OLM web sites, this is the oldest, most complete, and the most up-to-date site on the web and I intend to keep it that way!

Please send comments and suggestions to info@olm.org