The Doctrine of Original Sin
Sin among humans appeared with Adam and Eve in the Garden - scripture does not inform us of WHEN the angels sinned!! From Literature: As far as I can find, no trace of the doctrine is found in the early church before the 3rd century, when it appears to be picked up from pagan philosophy. Augustine studies it and it is made dogma in the Roman church in the 5th century. No trace is found in Christ's teachings, by the apostles or in the practice of the NT church. When the doctrine appeared it introduced a number of changes/additions to Roman doctrines: Enfant baptism (if a child is guilty of sin it must be cleansed): baptismal regeneration of an unbelieving baby!! The Immaculate Conception of Mary, and later her Assumption, etc.etc. Once started, the door is wide open.
The Bible Premise: The individual is accountable only for his own sins. No one is guilty of someone else's transgression! One must be old enough to violate God's principles to be guilty of sin. This is impossible for a new born! Read the following:
Jeremiah 31:29,30; Ezekiel 18:20,21 God will render to each man according to his own deeds! Romans 2:6; 14:12.
SCRIPTURE IS PLAIN: Everyone must be accountable only for his own sins.
However, we can suffer the consequences ( but not the guilt) of other's sins: Example; An evil, drunken man may bring terrible suffering on his wife and family, without them being guilty! ALL QUESTIONS RELATING TO THE DOCTRINE OF TOTAL DEPRAVITY must be studied only in light of this basic truth: 'I alone am responsible for my transgressions of God's law: the law of Christ, the law of love!!'
PROBLEM: Psalm 51:5 'David is conceived in sin'. Remember this deals with the spiritual condition of David's parent, not David himself. We do not know what that problem was, but we do know that the son does not bear the guilt of the parent! That is a truth we must not forget and must consider in seeking an answer to the problem! I think it may be related to the OT notion of ceremonial uncleanness. Deut.23:2,3 reminds us that certain people could not enter the Lord's assembly for either 4 or 10 generations. One was a Moabite, and Ruth was a Moabite and is in the lineage of David as well as Rahab the non-Jewish prostitute who saved the spies. PERHAPS this explains the spiritual condition of David's mother, but I really don't know. I do know that the child does not bear the parent's guilt!
JESUS accepted children. He said we had to become as children to enter His Kingdom!
If children were born in sin, Jesus would have taught it and given examples of what had to be done to prepare them to enter His kingdom! He accepted and blessed them! NO, a new born is not guilty of anyone's sins.
Other things could be said, but with this Bible principle we can put all the other objections in their proper place. "Whosoever transgresses, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God" 2 John 9.