Are Sexual Sins Troubling You?

        Anna is a young girl who is a student in secondary school. When school is on break, she has to struggle to have money to buy food and some items for next term. She cannot find work, but she has found that boys will give her money and dresses if she sleeps with them. When she has sex with the boys, they give her what she wants. Soon, Anna finds that she has become pregnant. What can she do? Which boy is the father? She fears to tell her parents. She suffers with fearful dreams and guilt.

        Keith is a married man who has a good job and lovely children. At his work, there is a pretty, young woman who is a secretary to his boss. Keith likes the woman and gives her gifts. Soon she becomes his girlfriend. Keith thinks he is happy until finally his wife discovers that he has this girlfriend. Keith returns home from work one day and finds his house empty. The wife has taken the children and gone to her parents. Many family problems come. There is confusion and an ugly divorce. Keith is a sad man.

        Naomi is a young woman. She has no husband, but she has some boy friends. These boyfriends give her money, dresses, and many things. One day, Naomi meets a nice man and they marry. They are very happy, but after some time, she still does not conceive. The doctor says that Naomi has a venereal disease (sex disease) from her boyfriends and she will never be able to have children. Naomi lives a sad, lonely life.

        George loves girls. He is a university student who loves parties and sleeping with girls. Finally, George takes a wife and they want children. The wife has a baby son, but the son is blind and retarded. Why? Because George caught AIDS from one of his girl friends and has given the disease to his wife. The baby got the disease from the mother. George has blinded his own son.

        My friends, these stories and many more like them happen many times each day in life. In the Bible we read about fornication, adultery, lasciviousness and other words that all mean sexual sin. God has warned us of the evil that will come because of sexual sins:

Hosea 4.1-11: Sexual sins destroy the country.
Proverbs 6.32: Adultery destroys the soul.
Proverbs 29.3: Sexual sins make us poor.
Proverbs 30.20: Sexual sins harden hearts.
        In the beginning, God created man and woman to be together and become “one flesh.” "The sexual relationship between husband and wife is holy and good. (Genesis 2.21-25; 1 Corinthians 7.25; Hebrews 13.4.) However, sexual relations must take place only between a husband and his wife. God warns us strongly that sex outside of marriage is a sin and will cause us to lose our souls. Please take time to read these verses: Matthew 5.27-23,32; Galatians 5.19-21; 1 Corinthians 6.9-10; 18-20; 1 Thessalonians 4.3-5. If we go against God's law, we become separated from God, controlled by sin, and our lives will be full of confusion.

        But some people say that we must use our bodies and have sex even if we are not married or we will become sick. Who created you? Was it not God? If God created us, He knows what is best for us. (Jeremiah 10.23; 1 Corinthians 6.13.) Our bodies are for the Lord, not for sin. We cannot allow the lusts of the flesh to control us. (1 John 2.15-16.)

        Some people say we must be sure the girl can conceive before we marry or the marriage will fail. My friends, children are a blessing from God (Psalm 127.3), but having children is not the most important part of marriage. Adam and Eve were made for each other, not only to bring forth children. (Genesis 2.) We read of many childless marriages in the Bible that were good, strong marriages. (Genesis 17.15-19; 29.30-31; 1 Samuel 1.4-8; Luke 1.5-7.) God brought children to these couples finally, but their marriages were complete without children. Jesus never allowed childlessness as a cause for divorce. (Matthew 19.9.) We must understand that God wants us to marry so that we can have loving companionship even without children. In Ephesians 5.22-23, the Apostle Paul gives us one of the most beautiful writings about the wonderful union between husband and wife, but he never mentions children. Children do not make a marriage successful. We are blessed to have children, but we cannot test pregnancy before marriage or break a marriage because of barrenness and think that God is happy.

        Some also say, "If I love my boyfriend or future husband, I must show it by sleeping with him." Or, "I need to know if this girl can please me as a wife." Friends and brethren, sex is not love. Love between a man and woman should grow into sex in marriage. Sex is no proof of love. If you truly want to please your future husband, you will study to help him grow closer to God and build your relationship on a spiritual foundation of respect. No man should expect a girl to "prove" her love by sex. What proof is that? It is selfishness by the man. A relationship built on flesh (sex) is not a strong relationship and can disappear quickly. When a man strongly desires steak, all he can think of is steak and "I am hungry." When he eats, he is soon satisfied and does not want steak again, and he will look for another food. Do not build your love or marriage on sex--it will fall. (2 Samuel 13.1-18.)

        It seems these days that people freely use sex to get things or just to satisfy themselves, thus they fall into the trap of Satan. Look at some of the problems that come from sexual sin:

  1. Sexual sin grieves the Spirit of God. The body of the Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6.19.) When we abuse our bodies through sexual sins, we grieve and abuse the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 4.30.)
  2. Sexual sins destroy marriages and other relationships. Homes are broken and spoiled. Children are hurt and confused. Unwanted pregnancy and divorce come. Abortion (murder of unborn babies) can destroy the lives of the parents also.
  3. Sexual sins can cause venereal diseases like syphilis, AIDS, and gonorrhea. These diseases can be caught in only one time of sleeping with someone who has the disease. Many time you do not know you have the disease, but it is there. These diseases can bring much suffering, blindness, insanity, and even death. Very often, such diseases cause barrenness (the inability to conceive). It is a fact that venereal disease causes 10-15% of all women to be barren or have trouble conceiving.
  4. Sexual sins cause us to lose respect for ourselves and feel very guilty. This is because we are doing things that are not right and God has not created us to follow sexual sins.

        We must decide to follow God's plan of purity and not engage in sexual activities before marriage. Then we can enter into marriage with pure hearts and bodies and give ourselves completely to our husband or wife. When we control ourselves and do not have sex until marriage then we can be sure that we are pure and the act is holy and respectable. Let us not fear to teach our children God's ways of purity and warn them of temptation. God speaks of sexual things in the Bible. (Leviticus 18-20; Proverbs 7; Song of Solomon; 1 Corinthians 7), so let us not fear to discuss them in our families and give proper instruction. (Deuteronomy 6.7.) Also, let us remember that if sexual sins have been a problem for you, you can turn away from the sins and God will forgive. God is able and willing to forgive. (Ephesians 4.32; 1 Corinthians 6.9-11.)

        All the world seems to follow the desires of the flesh, but we must not do so. We must turn from sin and follow God's way of life and purity. It is not easy. Let us keep sexual relations in marriage where it is proper. If you have problems, pray and God will help you. (Philippians 4.13.) Run away from temptations. (1 Corinthians 19.13; 2 Timothy 2.22.) Devote yourself to pure things and your life to God. (Philippians 4.8; 2 Corinthians 7.1.)

May God bless you in these things.