The day of the Lord, the end of the age, the last day, the end of the world and the close of this present age are terms that refer to the same event as seen in the passages of this study.

2 PETER 3:10-13: Peter says that on that day, without warning, the present heavens and earth will be destroyed by fire.

MATTHEW 13:40-50: Here Jesus declares that both the righteous and the wicked will be together until the end when the wicked will be separated from the just.

JOHN 6:39,40,44,54: According to Jesus the resurrection will be on the last day.

JOHN 5:28,29: Here Jesus says that ALL who are in the grave shall come forth, some to the resurrection of life and some to the resurrection of judgment.

MATTHEW 25:31-46: When Jesus returns all the nations will be before Him and He will separate the just and the unjust. The unjust will be sent into eternal punishment and the just to eternal life. We see the same happening in Revelation 20:11-15.

HEBREWS 9:25-28: Here we see the two advents of Christ; He came the first time to die for our sins, and when he comes again it will be to bring salvation to all who wait His return.

LUKE 19:11-27: In this parable we see again His two appearances. He came the first time to give gifts and instructions to His servants, then He leaves to receive 'kingly' authority. When He returns it will be to reward and punish. Compare Daniel 7:13,14 and Acts 1:9-11.

1 CORINTHIANS 15:35-58: In these verses and in 1 John 3:2 , we learn that at the resurrection we shall all be changed, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye ... for everything material will be gone. What we shall be like has not yet been revealed, but we do learn that flesh and blood can have no part in the Christian's final victory over death!! We shall be like HIM!!


Suddenly, and without warning, the Lord will descend from heaven with His angels and the dead and the living will rise to meet Him in the air, their bodies transformed. The present material creation will be destroyed by fire, replaced by a new heaven and earth. All nations will appear before Him. There will be a separation between those who loved truth and followed in the light of Christ's message and example, and between those who rebelled and rejected His words of love and mercy. Those who hid themselves behind the sacrifice of Christ will live eternally with the Lord and the redeemed. The rebellious and impenitent, along with Satan and his followers, will go into the lake of fire, the second death.